Rooted Gypsy Farms | Farm Fresh Produce in Grand Junction, Colorado

Locally sourced meat and produce delivered right to your doorstep!

At Rooted Gypsy Farms, we want to nourish and support the well-being of our community. Each week, we work closely with local sustainable farms throughout the Grand Valley to provide our customers with the freshest and highest quality meats, eggs, and produce. Delivered to your doorstep in a rustic Rooted Gypsy Farm Cooler Box, we believe in abundance and variety. To make preparing your meals at home easy and fun, we include a unique recipe based on the contents of the box in each delivery.

In our Artisan Farm Box, we include a rotating selection of:

  • A variety of cuts of meat - all natural beef, pork, chicken, lamb, and fish. The amount of meat in the box will vary depending on what is currently freshest.

  • Fresh produce - we grow lettuces and leafy greens year round in our greenhouse and also include produce from local farms throughout the seasons.

  • A dozen farm fresh eggs

  • Fresh herbs, spices, rubs, honey, jam, cheeses, and other speciaity items

  • A unique and delicious recipe!

For those who prefer a larger variety of produce over meats, we offer a Vegetarian Farm Box, Vegan Farm Box and Light Meat Farm Box, which include all of the specialty items we provide each week.

How it works:

On your first delivery, we provide a reusable Rooted Gypsy Farms cooler box to ensure your produce and meats stay fresh and cool. For each delivery following that, we will fill your cooler box with that week's groceries so there is no need to be home when we arrive.

We offer weekly or bi-weekly deliveries to residents throughout the Grand Valley.

Subscriptions Costs:

$70 per delivery. You can put your subscription on hold at anytime.

Payment can be made by credit card or check. 

To Sign-Up: You can call Mark at 970-640-5419 or via email at

Questions? Please complete the contact form below and we'll give you a call


We focus on abundance, so your box will be generously packed each week with fresh locally sourced farm foods!

"We have been receiving our Farm box for a couple of months now, ordering bi-weekly and we get so excited on delivery day! It's like Christmas every time! Everything we have received has been of generous portion and high quality with a fun new recipe that intrigues our novice cooking abilities and is ALWAYS a huge hit! The salad greens last us a full 2 weeks with nearly daily salads and the meat we receive leaves us feeling really good about what we are putting in our bellies! We are absolutely thrilled to participate in the Farm box deliveries and look forward to seeing this farm grow exponentially due to its core values and wonderful mission. Couldn't be more satisfied with the affordability and product all the way around." - K.N.

"Wonderful people, and fantastic food! We love the Farm Box, and the recipes are great! I love feeding my family delicious, locally grown food at a great price! Thank you Rooted Gypsy Farms for providing health and wellness to our community!" - M.J.

"Wow! The lamb is awesome! We seasoned, grilled, thin sliced - and made the best Gyros ever this evening out back!!! Topped with the wonderful greens - all provided in our Rooted Gypsy Box! Thank You Rooted Gypsy - You Rock! Great addition to the "Grand Valley." Wow!" - D.L.

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